Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Shoe Store x-ray machine

I'm interested if others remember the Foot xray machine at Verfurth's Shoe Store on 2nd, maybe 3rd St.

Here are some links I found that you might be interested in:

X-Ray Shoe Fitting Machine

Shoe-Fitting Fluoroscope

Anybody else remember Verfurth's and the x-ray machine?

This blogger is hearing rumblings that the x-ray machine wasn't at Verfurth's. It was at the Modern! Does anyone know for sure?


Anonymous said...

The X-ray machine was located in the Modern Shoe Store on the south side of Second Street in the 300 block about one or two doors from the corner of Main and Second Street. Verfurth's Shoe Store was also on Second Street approximately across the street from the Modern Shoe Store. Verfurth's didn't have an X-ray machine.


Anonymous said...

Comment 1 correction: The 300 should be 100 and it is East Second Street.


winder52 said...

Actually there was an x ray machine in Verfurths. I was born in1952 and I do remember 1 there.